Tuition and Fees

(Revised January 2008)

Fee Structure for Semester Abroad Program
US$300 per credit or US$4500 for 15 credits

Fee Structure for Independent Study Program
US$12 per hour of instruction (to join regular classes)
US$24 per hour of instruction (private lessons)
US$120 per week for one-hour/day lessons as per 6 day week (small class size / private lessons)
US$360 per month for one-hour/day lessons per 4 week month (small class size / private lessons)
US$300 for a 4 week ISP internship / understudy
Limited scholarships may be available on a need basis

Housing Expenses
The accommodation, depending on preference of apartment or 3 star hotel, costs between US$12 to $35 per day. Meal packages are available at the café on campus, or for daily tiffin delivery. Food costs range from $5 - $8 per day.

All tuition and fees must be paid in full by the first day of the program.

Travel Expenses
Applicants must arrange for and bear all expenses for national and international travel to arrive at Ahmedabad.

Tuition Refund Policy
The following policy will take effect in case of cancellation of enrolment or withdrawal from the program:

Withdrawal occurring                                                                   Tuition refunded
Prior to first day of classes                                                                   100%
Before end of first week                                                                        75%
Before end of second week                                                                    40%
After end of second week                                                                        0%

Non-refundable Housing Deposit
The total estimated housing fee must be paid upon enrolment into the program. In case of cancellation, 25% of the fee shall not be refunded.

Tuition Payments and Financial Responsibility
Students are responsible to make full payments before the beginning of the program.  Failure to do so may result in a late fee being charged.

Methods of Payment

International Wire Transfers
International wire transfers may be made to: KEF A/C DARPANA CONSERVATIORE
Account Number: 202810100007345

Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option
In case of any financial difficulty, arrangements may be made allowing the student to pay their tuition and other fees on a monthly interest-free basis.

Acceptance of Credit Cards
We are currently unable to accept credit card payments.

Special Charges and Fees

Application Fee
An application fee of US$15 is charged upon enrolment.

Late Payment
A late fee of US$20 is charged to students failing to make full payments before the start of the program.

Bad Check Penalty
A penalty of US$15 is charged in case of a bounced or bad check.

Additional Certificate Fee
A fee of US$5 is charged to students requesting an additional certificate.

Tuition Refund Policy and Procedures
By registering for classes, students accept responsibility for paying charges for the entire period, regardless of the method of payment and the attendance. A refund may be made only under special circumstances at the discretion of the head of the program.