Academic Policies and Procedures

Student Classification & Academic Procedure
Students may enrol either for an Independent Study or for a Semester Abroad program. This classification determines the method by which the student will be active in the program.

Semester Abroad Program (SAP)
The SAP is for students enrolling through a university study abroad program or in their own individual capacity. They must pick their course work and devise an academic plan at the beginning of their term. These students, enrolled for the SAP will follow the pre-devised course structure and must complete all requirements in order to receive their certification.

Independent Study Program (ISP)
Individuals or groups of students may enrol for the ISP and create their own academic program for classes on a per hour basis. This program typically includes private lessons and/or apprenticeships under professional artists.

Meeting requirements of the courses is the student’s responsibility and each student is encouraged, upon nearing the end of their coursework, to consult with the program head to ensure that all requirements will be completed on schedule. Only students in good standing will earn their certificate at the end of their course.

Courses for Credit
For students enrolled in the Semester Abroad Program, courses offered are in compliance with the US university system of college credits. Each course has a credit amount, corresponding to a number of credit hours of in-class and on-field study. On completion of the course requirements, Darpana will issue a certificate to the student so they may receive the appropriate number of credits from their university. Actual credit earning is subject to the students’ host university.

Program Change
A student may change their program of study only on the approval of the academic advisor or program head. Occasionally a student may not be able to change their course plan due to unavailability of other courses.